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  • Maximizing the value of time
    The last fort when you are troubled by the delivery date.
    We aim to be a group specializing in emergency transportation to deliver cargo as soon as possible.
    We will transport any cargo from a small box to a chartered aircraft at the fastest speed without giving up.
  • Powerful team for making “it” possible
    We aim to become a team that can tackle the long-standing demand overload problem faced by the logistics industry, challenge initiatives that match the values of the times, and make difficult things easier and impossible.
  • Useful for people
    We provide new logistics services that are not existing, look at the parts that other companies do not want to do, and think about how to solve them every day.
    We aim for better development of the industry by coexisting with other companies in the same industry.

Profile AND MESSAGE Representative Director's Introduction and Representative Greeting


Born in Fuchu City, Tokyo. After graduating from high school, he went to Australia for one year, and then entered university in Los Angeles, USA in 2008. The U.S. has a culture of supporting what individuals want to do, and there was an environment where various people could explore what they wanted to do and say it around them. In addition to my studies, I also developed the minpaku service that I now call and offered rooms only to university students who wanted to stay for a long time traveling from Japan to Los Angeles. The room was always full and very popular. That led me to a strong interest in business, and I majored in business administration at university.

After that, I returned to Japan and joined Recruit Co., Ltd. and studied advertising sales in the food and beverage field. Working among the best people beyond my imagination is still an asset. After that, I changed my perspective from the Japanese market to the overseas market and moved to China, which I was interested in more than before. I got a job as a local BPO (outsourcing) company in Beijing, China without being able to speak Chinese, worked for about a year and a half, and then moved to a Hong Kong logistics company to learn about logistics in Hong Kong and South China.

At that time, I met an area called emergency cargo transportation. While many Western logistics companies provide emergency cargo, there were few companies in China or Japan that provided such services. I found meaning here and returned to Japan. We have established our company in Japan and China as a logistics company specializing in emergency cargo, and we have continued to this day.


Our company was founded as a company specializing in hand carry. Currently, as a logistics company specializing in emergency cargo, we arrange emergency air cargo, high-speed ships, charter aircraft, etc., but all of them have a common point that the transportation speed is fast. The demand for emergency air freight is increasing year by year rather than hand carry, and now we have completely shifted to forwarders for air cargo.

In the four years since our founding, we have established a Tokyo sales office and Narita Customs Office in Japan, and branches overseas in mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the United States, and we have been able to join the International Air Cargo Association (IATA). I am grateful that the fact that we have grown so smoothly is because there are customers who trust and entrust us. Thank you very much.

In the future, we would like to utilize our 24-hour infrastructure to actively work on cargoes with high demand for delivery time, such as life sciences and fresh produce. As mentioned in the recruitment guidelines, we are always looking for experts in each field. In addition to the contract form of full-time employees, we also have sales that have outsourcing contracts rooted in the region in Japan and China. In customs clearance, we also contract with people with very high customs clearance capabilities. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Infrastructure, customs alumni, and lawyers may be advisors. All of them respect their desired work style. I believe that if such people get together, something more interesting can be done.

At the root of our company is our belief that we want to be a group that can solve our customers' problems. However, although the issues of logistics are diversified, we would like to solve the problems related to time (delivery date). How do you transport things that generally take three days in one day? Of course, the cost will go up, but you must keep the cost down to the extent you can. Furthermore, emergency transportation cannot be realized unless not only the cost but also the logistics system itself is fundamentally reviewed. There are various complex procedures behind logistics, but I think the value of our intervention is how to proceed with it easily. Our catchphrase is "Logistics faster and easier", we are committed to addressing these issues with all our might and put a strong feeling that it will be useful to society. I'm going to pick up cargo anywhere in the world. We will transport any cargo from a small box to a chartered aircraft at the fastest speed without giving up. Finally, there is recruit's old company motto, which still has a major impact on my life. I would like to conclude with this at the end of the greeting. We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement in the future. "Create opportunities for yourself and change yourself through opportunities."

CEO Yuki Kimura

THINGS WE NEED What we need

We believe that the most important thing for a company that has just been founded is human beings. It is a homo with not the meaning of the person with a terrible career but the same aspiration. I believe that when such people gather, unimaginable powers will be born.

In 2020 and 2021, we applied for various licenses and licenses to gain the trust of Japanese society. We have two types of transportation (air and sea), customs clearance, IATA authorized cargo agents, liquor sales, etc. There are many things that are currently being applied and have not been granted permission.

In the future, we are always looking for people who will have a very big impact on determining what strategies to distribute these resources and connect them to new businesses, and what tactics to climb high stairs.

Logistics experience doesn't matter. Even if you do not have experience, please apply if you can sympathize with our value even a little.


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