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It is one of our main businesses. As an IATA authorized cargo agent, we make room directly from the airline and use our overwhelming speed and various routes to transport cargo to your destination faster. International hand carry service is also treated as an aviation business. We are good at air cargo not only from Japan but also from overseas.


We are developing sea transportation business specializing in speed, such as high-speed ferries.
We also respond to various demands such as large cargo and heavy goods.
The main area is between Japan and China.


We have acquired customs clearance in-house and provide import and export customs clearance services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of early morning, late night, or weekend. Based in Tokyo due to the liberalization of the declaration office, we have declared it to customs offices all over Japan. In addition, we also have an after-hours customs contract service for our peers.

ELECTRONIC COMMERCE Cross-Border E-Commerce Business

We mainly handle e-commerce cargo for Amazon FBA and Rakuten Market. We provide customs clearance and logistics specialized in e-commerce, from general declarations to manifest declarations for small cargo (SP).

LIGHT CARGO Light Freight Business

As a freight mini vehicle transportation company, we provide light cargo charters, consolidation flights, and temperature-controlled vehicles. 24-hour customer support arranges pickup and delivery, so we can handle emergency dispatches.


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